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“Śpiewajcie i grajcie Mu…”


“Śpiewajcie i grajcie Mu…” [Sing and Play to Him…] is a CD containing the most beautiful carols and pastorals performed by the Folk Song and Dance Ensemble of the University of Warsaw “Warszawianka”. Its uniqueness lies in its multigenerational character. We will listen to all age groups of “Warszawianka” – children, youngsters and adults. Among 21 tracks, you will find such carols as: “Silent Night”, “Lulajże Jezuniu” [“Sleep Little Jesus”], “Przybieżeli do Betlejem” [“Shepherds Came to Betlehem”], as well as the little less known ones: “Gore gwiazda” [“The Star Shines”] or “Jam jest Dudka” [“I Am a Pipe”].

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  • publisher: Folk Song and Dance Ensemble of the University of Warsaw “Warszawianka”
  • performers: ZPiT UW „Warszawianka”, music selection: Przemysław Marcyniak, Karolina Onuszkiewicz, Witold Jarosiński, Marcin Olak, Paweł Steczkowski
  • recording: Fryderyk Babiński, Krzysztof Maszota – New Project Production, Maciej Sapiński
  • time and place of recording: 2011, “Laski” recording studio
  • carrier: CD
  • number of carriers: 2
  • duration: 30:58, 27:12


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