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“Piosenki warszawskiej Syrenki”


“Songs of the Warsaw Mermaid”

The album Piosenki warszawskiej Syrenki of the “Warszawianka” ensemble brings the climate of pre-war Warsaw closer to the listener. It shows the capital seen through the eyes of young, happy people. 12 tracks surprise us with diversity of their performances, as well as extraordinary arrangements. Listening to the sounds of that unique album, everyone will surely discover anew the charm of the capital.

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  • publisher: Folk Song and Dance Ensemble of the University of Warsaw “Warszawianka”
  • performers: Folk Song and Dance Ensemble of the University of Warsaw “Warszawianka”, music selection and arrangements: Witold Jarosiński
  • recording: Witold Osiński
  • time and place of recording: 1999, “Laski” recording studio
  • carrier: CD
  • number of carriers: 1
  • duration: 38:00
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